Library Rules and Expectations

In our Library, students are expected to:

  • follow the Library ABCs, in order to be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn!

   Act and speak kindly

   Be prepared and follow directions

   Concentrate on excellence

  • follow all the rules of the school when they are in the Library. 
  • take care of any books they borrow from our Library.  (Lost or damaged books will result in a fine.)

Rewards for good behavior!

  • Praise
  • Sticker or bookmark
  • Spirit Stick
  • Library helper role
  • Parent contact
  • Time in Special Learning Center

Consequences for poor choices!

  • Time out
  • Reflection sheet
  • Parent contact
  • Detention
  • Referral to the Principal

(The students and I designed this behavior plan together. They agreed these were fair rules, and suggested several of the consequences and rewards for all!)

In Our Library we learn...

how to choose "Just Right" books!