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Library Mission and Program

Our Mission 

The mission of the school library at Nathanael Greene is to foster a love of reading and learning, while preparing students to become 21st century learners.  The goal of our library program is to help students become effective and lifelong users of ideas and information.  It is also the hope that our library is a center for collaboration in our school community between students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Our Library Program

Grades K-2 focus:  Getting to Know the Library

Students will be introduced to the Library materials and sections such as non-fiction books, picture books, reference books, biographies etc. By grade 2, students will learn how to locate and access these materials independently. We will try to support the Superkids program by coordinating our reading focus on what is being covered in the classroom. There will be read-alouds and discussions using skills such as deduction, inferencing, and summarizing.  Students will be asked to back up their thoughts with evidence from the texts.  Reading for sheer enjoyment and fun will be strongly encouraged for life-long learning.

Grades 3-5 focus:  Information Power

We will center on the power of information, and how to find sources and facts to support our ideas. We will further investigate the uses and benefits of the various types of resources available in our Library and beyond.  Special emphasis will be placed on students becoming good digital citizens, as well as online safety. We will also work with classroom teachers to support their curricula, as well as school and district goals. Reading for sheer enjoyment and fun will be encouraged for life-long learning.