School Profile

Nathanael Greene Elementary School is located in the Fairlawn neighborhood of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The ninety-three year-old building has had several renovations. The most recent is the addition of a gymnasium and a kitchen.

Five hundred sixty-nine students attend kindergarten through grade six at Nathanael Greene. Of these, 46 percent are white, 24 percent are Hispanic, and 24 percent are black. Forty-nine students receive ESL services, and 86 students receive special education services. Seventy-five percent receive free or reduced-price lunch.

A professional staff of 42 full and part-time teachers, two part-time social workers, one part-time speech teacher, seven para-professionals, and one administrator service Nathanael Greene School. The regular education setting and two self-contained classrooms serve the special education population.

Our School Improvement Team is made up of three committees; Literacy Committee, Numeracy/Data Committee, and Personalization & Parent Involvement Committee. A  separate Literacy Team (as per school district policy), is composed of  the reading teachers, the principal, ESL and resource teachers, and a district literacy coach. The School Improvement Team and Literacy Team meets monthly to review the needs of the staff and students and to determine how best to meet the needs of the students. Members of the PLP Extended Team include the school psychologist, reading teachers, and grade level teacher representatives. This team meets on a weekly basis to review student performance. Greene’s newest endeavor is the implementation of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) model. All teams work collaboratively to review student data to drive instruction.