Message from the Principal



May 20, 2020

Dear parents and guardians of our Greene Generals:

Please read attached letters regarding the distribution of students' personal items and of summer packets. 

I hope you are all well.

Greene Generals! Be nice to your parents. They are your greatest advocates and love you very much. Also, while we are not in school, they are your teachers! We miss you all very much.


Dr. Jacob

P.S You may need to help your parents with the math. :)

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Cancelled for Spring 2020

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Kathy Palumbo, President/Treasurer

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  • Attention Greene Families!

    Dear Parents/Guardians of Nathanael Greene Generals: If we have your email on file, you received a notification about how and when you will pick up your children's belongings and summer packets. A mailing of the information will also be sent out tomorrow, May 21. I hope you are all well and getting out to enjoy this wonderful weather. - Dr. Jacob, principal.

    Estimados padres / tutores de los generales de Nathanael Greene: Si tenemos su correo electrónico archivado, recibirán una notificación sobre cómo y cuándo recogerán las pertenencias y los paquetes de verano de sus hijos. También se enviará por correo la información mañana, 21 de mayo. Espero que estén bien y salgan a disfrutar de este maravilloso clima. - Dr. Jacob, directora.


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Greene Info

The following is a list of items of which each family in our school community should be aware: 

1.     Arrival Time and Procedure: School begins officially at 8:00 a.m. each morning. When the first bell rings at 7:55 a.m., students report to their line and are escorted to class by their teachers at 8:00 a.m.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND your student(s) to school prior to 7:30 a.m. as there is no supervision until that time.  Cafeteria doors open at 7:30am for the free breakfast program.

 2.    Drop off:  Students may be dropped off in front of the school and will then walk to the back of the building where they line up. You may also drop off your child(ren) on Grotto Avenue or Legion Drive and have them walk to line.

3.    Dismissal: The school day ends at 2:10 p.m.  All students are expected to be picked up at 2:10 p.m. For students who are walking home, we ask that they go immediately home following the school day.  If they wish to return to play on school grounds, please be aware that there is no supervision after school and students will not have access to the building.

4.    Visits to school: All parents and/or guardians must report to the office before meeting with a teacher.  If you wish a conference with a teacher, kindly call the school at 729-6260 a day or two in advance in order to make your appointment.

5.    Early dismissal: If you wish to have your child(ren) dismissed early, please write a note to your child’s teacher stating the time of dismissal.  You must pick up your child(ren) in the main office. No child will be excused from school early unless an adult signs out for him/her in the main office. Please try to schedule medical appointments before or after school.   A PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED TO DISMISS A STUDENT.  NO STUDENT WILL  be DISMISSED WITHOUT PROPER IDENTIFICATION. No exceptions.

6.    Excuses: When a child has been absent from school or arrives late (after 8 a.m.) he/she must report to the main office with a note.

7.    Dogs: By Pawtucket City Ordinance there are to be NO dogs on school property.

9.  Emergency information: Please be sure that essential information such as telephone numbers and addresses are kept up to date at all times.  Kindly inform the office of any changes which should be made in the event that we need to contact you at home or work.